Homeopathy for Common Cold

Homeopathy for Common Cold

Generally indicated in acute and recent cases.
Complaints caused by exposure to dry cold air, exposure to draughts of cold air while in a perspiration
Cough from dry cold winds or drafts of air.
Cough, dry, hoarse, suffocating; loud, rough, ringing, whistling; on expiration.
Complaints with great fear and anxiety of mind.
Aggravation- Evening and night, in a warm room
Amelioration – In the open air
Allium cepa
Spring Coryza
Profuse, watery and acrid nasal discharge, with profuse bland lachrymation.
Acrid, watery discharge dropping from tip of nose.
Hay Fever with violent sneezing on rising from bed
Aggravation -In the evening and in warm room.
Amelioration – In cold room and open air.
Great liability to take cold, Sensitive to drafts of air, especially when uncovering th head; from having hair cut.
Congestive headache, with red face, throbbing of brain and carotids.
Fever – Head hot and painful, face flushed; eyes wild, staring, pupils dilated.
Dry mouth, sleepy but can not sleep.
Aggravation – From slight noise, jar, motion, light, lying down, least exertion
Amelioration – Pressure, tight bandaging, wrapping up
Profuse fluent coryza in morning with violent cough and abundant expectoration.
Acrid, profuse  lachrymation with profuse bland coryza.
Aggravation – In the Evening, warmth, moisture, exposure to warm wind
Amelioration – Night, when lying down

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