Nutritional Personal Consultation

Nutritional Personal Consultation

In a personal consultation, we will focus on specific organs and body systems that need strengthening and certain emotions that need nurturing.

Good and balanced diet is really important for heathy mind and body. Nutrients boost our immunity and protect from diseases. Some nutirents are essentials for growth and maintenance of body cells. Nutrients help strengthen your muscles, bones and tendons. Nutrients are required for different vital body processes. Eating healthy does not mean compromise on taste and enjoyment. We give advice and provide useful infomation on nutrients in food. We will help you choose good food without comprimising your taste. Eating balance diet rich in nutrients vital for health and maintenance of body. A balanced diet meets your daily nutritional needs like vitamins, antioxidents and minerals. Eating healthy and right amount according to your level of your daily activity is really important. You feel good and look great without any health problems. Balanced diet helps to avoid overweight and keeps you fit and in shape. Its really hard to make choices yourself so you need someone who can guide. We are here to help you make healthy food choices for your sound mental and body health.

Some tips for everyone:
-Eat balanced and get active daily.
-Drink lots of water.
-Never skip a meal specially breakfast. Make a routine and try to eat at same time every day.
-Eat variety of foods
-Consume more vegetables and fruits
-Eat in small portions-do not stop eating
-Reduce saturated fat and sugar in diet
-Use herbs or spices or lemon or vinegar to give flavour to food and use less salt. Use iodized salt only
-Eat good carbohydrates like whole grains, legumes and beans
-Consume food that contains calcium

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