In chronic cases- In The first Homeopathic consultation we ask a series of questions regarding the past and present situations, Family history, mode of living, occupation etc which helps us to establish a portrait of a diseased individual and it usually last for an hour or sometimes more. On the basis of answers or totality of symptoms we individualize the case and give Homeopathic medicine accordingly.
The second consultation is a follow-up of the case it usually takes for half an hour or more in which we observe the patient’s symptoms and changes after taking medicine. In chronic cases usually, it is after 15 or 20 days of the first consultation. In between the meantime if patient has any queries we can take it early.
In Acute cases – Most of the acute ailments are self-limiting if it is not very serious, we have to know the cause of the disease and Diet and regimen to control them.The consultation time is not very long in acute cases as we focus in acute ailments, their causation, their modalities and their treatment.
Chronic Case – First Consultation (One Hour) – Adult -£45
Children- £35
Family – £70 (Two Adults and two children)
Second Consultation (Half an Hour) – Adult – £30
Children – £20
Acute case – First Consultation ( Half an Hour) – Adult – £35
Children – £25
Family – £50 ( Two Adults and two children)