Tips for Healthy life:

1) Drink two to four glass of water early morning just after waking, before brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth.

Benifits – It will boost up your immunity and strengthen your kidney. Very good for renal stone.
It also prevent constipation.

2) Always avoid drinking water in standing position. Drink water in sitting position, it prevent joint pain in advance stage of life.

Benefit – Prevent joint pain.

3) Coconut oil is best for skin nourishment even in case of itching, Psoriasis and Scabies as well.

4) Eating salad with meal prevent gastric ulcers or gastric cancer. Raw onion in salad reduces bad Cholesterol.

5) Drink water after half or one hour of your meal. It helps in proper digestion of food. Always avoid water just after meal.

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DateJanuary 9, 2014