Old people have so many difficulties and health issues like digestion, broken bones or muscles.yogaaaa As we grow our muscles become tighter and stiffen. Old people have weak immune system and muscular strength. They feel mentaly ill and stay hyper and frustated, they have problems in sleeping and stamina or breathing. With practice of yoga, old people have improved mental and physical health. They can fall asleep easily and sleep well. They stay calm, relaxed and have good stamina and digestion. Yoga also protects from allergies and viruses. Yoga strengthens arms and legs so good for bones and muscles. With yoga body becomes flexible, strong and supple. Come and strecth your arms and body in the fresh air with us to increase flexibilty and  keep medicines away.

Pricing :

Prices of yoga in Gym and yoga center – £5 (one hour)
Personal Yoga lesson charges at  home – £20

Yoga Session  helds at
Venue I:
The Gym High street  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Timing– Sunday 10:00am to 11:00amIMG-20161130-WA0008

Venue II:
The community resource centre
Grove street,340 lower street
Cheltenham GL503JF
Timing– As per your request.

Instruction before joining Yoga session
  • Try to bring your own Yoga mat.
  • Come in loose clothing for yoga session or wear comfortable clothes.
  • Always take food before 2 to 3 hour of Yoga class.
  • And come with a big smile.